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AICT System is unlike the competitors which are heavy large scale 3D printers that have to be operated by specialists. We have a modeler system, the main part the KUKA robotic arm is easily sourced all around the world and has an existing maintenance network. We provide custom “head” and rail or moving platforms according to the projects.

The system itself has an active sensor system and an AI governing control, so it can be truly intelligent and work without human supervision.The equipment updated cycle is also faster and cheaper compared to the competitors.
The custom “head” avoids plugging in the extrusion process and collapses during the material’s layer stacking.

3D printing concrete- Equipment -AICT
3D printing concrete- Material-AICT

High Performance Material 

Our formula can be changed per the environment passively.
Due to the special requirements of 3D printing, the mixture needs to have a certain degree of fluidity, while hardening in a time limit.

Fibers are introduced to increase tensile strength.
After 149,760 research hours, 1000 tons printing materials, our product is consistent and smooth. And up to US standards. 
The unique printing material formula has reasonable performance and stable rheology.

Programming Service & Tech Support 

Digital design, print path generation, material pumping, printing tool movement, robot arm movement and other systems to work together during the printing process.

Our tech support and architectural optimization are done in China where cost of labor and R&D is low, in turn having competitive pricing.  Research is Done night and day to ensure we are always staying ahead of the competition.

3D printing concrete- Programming service teach support-AICT
3D printing concrete- Digital Architecture-AICT

Digital Architecture 

The use of computer modeling, programming, simulation, and imaging to create both virtual forms and physical structures - is increasingly popular in architecture all over the world. 

We have a team of Architects that have decades of parametric architecture design and construction experience in the US and China.

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